Tech Weekends!

Group events for our rebreather and OC tech divers

Divetech's tech weekends are a great way for like-minded divers to utilize their tech diving certifications in a cost-efficient way. Typically, most of our open circuit or rebreather divers travel alone or in pairs and as such the cost of organizing a boat charter can make the whole thing unrealistic. By setting a date in the schedule specifically for a few days of tech only boat dives we hope to facilitate an easy option for deep divers to enjoy.

Tech weekends are for open-circuit and rebreather divers alike. Prices will include accommodation, boat dives in the morning, the option of shore dives in the afternoon (conditions permitting), car rental, tank rental and basic fills.

Next event: 
Thursday, Sept 3 - Sunday, Sept 6, 2020

  • Four nights accommodation in the Grand Caymanian (based on double occupancy)

  • Three days of morning tech boat charters

  • Unlimited afternoon shore diving 

  • Airport transfers and car rental (car rental is priced on double occupancy. Single upgrade divers get their own car.)

CCR divers:
  • Unlimited air diluent and O2 fills

  • Unlimited CO2 absorbent (for dates of event only)

  • Onboard tank rentals

  • 2 bailout bottle rentals

  • Bailout fills of air and 50%

OC divers:
  • Unlimited air back gas 

  • Unlimited 50% deco gas fills

  • AL80 doubles tank rentals

  • 1 deco bottle rental

Trimix is available, but not included in the all-inclusive pricing. 
Available upgrades

  • Private room

  • Suite and 1 bedroom upgrades

  • Helium and trimix gasses

  • Vehicle upgrades

  • Training opportunities 

Standard Room
  • Double occupancy, per person: $1,310

  • Double occupancy, non-diver partner:  $370

  • Single occupancy, per person: $1,720

Upgrade room    

  • Double occupancy, per person: $1,400

  • Double occupancy, non-diver partner:  $460

  • Single occupancy, per person: $1,810

Thursday, September 3

Arrival, check in. Optional shakedown shore dive

Friday, September 4

7:30 AM - Tech boat charter

Afternoon - shore diving from Lighthouse Point

Saturday, September 5

7:30 AM - Tech boat charter

Afternoon - shore diving from Lighthouse Point

Sunday, September 6

7:30 AM - Tech boat charter

Afternoon - shore diving from Lighthouse Point

Monday, September 7


The fine print: 
  • Shore diving is unguided, and must be conducted in buddy pairs

  • Shore diving is weather dependent. While shore diving is available about 330 days per year, availability is not guaranteed. 

  • Meals are not included. 

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