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Divetech Policies

Technical and Helium gas fills

Technical gas fills are priced by the cubic foot for cylinders over 25 cubic feet. For CCR & cylinders less than 25 cubic feet in size, a flat rate fill is offered. Gas fills do not include the cost of cylinder rental. 

To keep costs reasonable for our customers, Divetech offers the following pre-banked gases. For divers who wish to have breathing gases other than our pre-banked  supply, a custom blend fee will be charged.  ​

Grade E air- $0.27 per cubic foot

Trimix 21/35  $1.64 per cubic foot

Trimix 15/55 $2.25 per cubic foot

Trimix 10/60 $2.34 per cubic foot

Deco 50% O2- $0.72 per cubic foot

Deco 80% O2- $1.17 per cubic foot

Oxygen- $1.43  per cubic foot


Custom Gas Blending Fee (plus cost of gas) - $300


Hand blended Nitrox 32% flat rate

40cf  -$32

80cf  -$50

Divetech will refund a portion of a customer's unused trimix gasses under the following conditions. 

  • The customer must gauge and analyze the cylinder contents with a Divetech staff member prior to turning in the cylinder. 

  • The amount of gas refunded will be whatever quantity remains in the cylinder over 1000 PSI / 70 BAR. 

  • This only applies to pre-banked trimix gasses. It does not apply to custom gasses, or decompression mixes. 

Rental Gear




Dive Light - (no charge on guided night dive)



Shore Snorkel Set



Mask & Snorkel



Weights & Belts (no charge on guided dives)



3mm Shorty Wetsuit



Dive Computer (no charge on boat dives)









Weekly equipment rental rates - rent 7 days and pay for 5.

Equipment rental is included in Open Water courses, Refresher, and Discover Scuba Diving dives. For all other classes and dives, rental equipment is not included. A security deposit may be required for higher value or off-site rentals.

Divetech's rental period is for the duration of the diving day, and is due back at the close of Divetech business, unless other arrangements are made with our staff. 

Customers are fiscally responsible for damage to rental equipment due to negligence. If in doubt on how to correctly use a piece of rental equipment, please ask a Divetech staff member.  

Technical & CCR tank rentals

Due to the diversity of rebreather setups, onboard CCR tanks are rented per cylinder, per day. 

Cylinders available are 2 & 3L steel, AL13's and AL19s. Valves available are left and right modular and inline. Rebreather tank mounts are not provided. Tanks available are AL30's, AL40's, and AL80's. All tanks come with DIN valves and bailout rigging. For a visual description of all tanks available, please visit our article on the topic. 

Divers are welcome to bring their own diving cylinders for use. Divetech will fill any cylinders that have a current hydrostatic inspection, and a current visual inspection stamp with air or enriched air up to 40%. 

Divetech will fill customer provided cylinders with enriched air mixes from 41% up to pure oxygen only after a Divetech technician has oxygen cleaned and inspected the cylinder prior to filling. There is no exception. This is mitigate fire and explosion risk, as well as the risk of contaminated air. 

Tech cylinder rentals are per day and do not include gas fills

Doubles/Twinset with manifold (AL80's) - $20

Sidemount cylinder set - $20

AL40 or AL80 with rigging - $5

CCR tank fills are flat-rate pricing and are a maximum of 25 cubic feet of gas. Anything over is priced per cubic foot.

Oxygen - $25

Air Diluent - $8

Trimix Diluent 15/55 or 10/60 - $50

Scooter Rentals

Underwater Diver Propulsion Vehicles are also known as DPV's or scooters. Scooters that Divetech rent are very fun, but come with additional risk. Improper use of a scooter can lead to increased risk of decompression injury or sickness. 

Furthermore, underwater scooters are very expensive. Improper use of a scooter, or failure to follow Divetech's rules on their use can result in damage to the scooter. 


Upon renting a scooter with Divetech, the participants will be asked to sign a scooter waiver. You will be responsible for damage or loss to the scooter should this occur as the result of your negligence or failure to follow the rules. The replacement value of Divetech's scooters are upwards of $3,000 USD each. Repair labor is billed at $100 USD per hour, plus parts. 

Technical and Rebreather Diving Policies

All divers who wish to engage in planned decompression diving, or diving using breathing gases other than air, must be properly certified to do so. All dives conducted, including maximum depth, decompression time, and breathing gasses, must be within the limits of the diver's certification. 

Divers using rebreathers must be certified to dive said rebreather. Rebreather divers must remain within the maximum depth limits of their rebreather certification. Sorry, our insurance does not allow us to accept open-circuit trimix certifications in lieu of a rebreather trimix certification. 

Rebreather divers who wish to dive deeper than 200 feet / 60 meters must carry AL80 bailout bottles. AL40's are not allowed for diving deeper than 200 feet / 60 meters. 

All certifications must be presented to Divetech staff prior to diving, and must be from a recognized training agency. 

General Policies

Divetech has a 24-hour cancelation policy. Meaning that if you cancel your class, or activity​ within 24 hours of the start time, you will be charged for that day. 

Divetech has several photo pros on staff who are continually taking photos for customer souvenirssocial media, or promotion purposes. As a result, your image or likeness may be used on our social media pages. If you do not wish to have your photograph taken or used, no problem! Just let us know. 

Tech Rental Prices


Doubles Wing - $20
BackPlate & Harness - $20
Sidemount Harness (SG Diamond or DR Nomad) - $25
Doubles/Sidemount regulator setup - $40
Deco/Bailout regulator - $20


Divetech's rental period is for the duration of the diving day, and is due back at the close of Divetech business, unless other arrangements are made with our staff. 

Customers are fiscally responsible for damage to rental equipment due to negligence. If in doubt on how to correctly use a piece of rental equipment, please ask a Divetech staff member.

Recreational Diving Policies

All divers must be certified for the diving they wish to conduct. Proof of certification must be presented to Divetech upon initial check in. The scan be via a c-card, or digitally. For certain training agencies we may be able to verify your training certification online. However if we cannot verify your certification, you will not be able to dive. 

Recreational boat dives have a maximum time limit of 60 minutes surface-to-surface. Decompression diving is not allowed on recreational dive charters, despite the diver's level of certification. Divers who inadvertently exceed the no-decompression limits, will not be allowed to dive the remainder of the day. 

Recreational divers must surface with no less than 500 PSI / 40 BAR of breathing gas in their cylinder. 

Rebreather divers, and divers using twinsets/doubles are allowed on recreational boats, however their dive profiles must be 60 minutes or less, they may not exceed 130 feet / 40m of depth, and they must remain in no-decompression dive status. For those who wish to dive outside of these limits, please see our technical diving polices. 

Outside instructors

Outside instructors are more than willing to conduct training classes at Divetech facilities, boats and using our equipment. Instructors must have Divetech listed on their liability insurance and provide a copy to us prior to conducting any training class. 

Training class policies

All students must complete a medical waiver prior to enrolling in any training class. The medical waiver is available prior to class upon request. If the student answers "yes" to any question on the medical waiver, training may not commence until the instructor receives a note from a physician clearing them to dive. If the student does not have a physician note, they may not commence training, and forfeit any funds paid or owed for the first day of training. 

All training classes have set standards and curricula that the instructors must adhere to. Classes are priced on a fixed schedule and set amount of training days. The schedule allows for a reasonable progression and ample time for students to complete the class requirements. If a student is unable to complete the required standards of a training class, the student will be required to attend additional days of training at additional expense. 

Students who do not complete the class requirement will not be issued a certification card, and no refund will be given for the cost of the training class.

Guided Technical and Rebreather Dives

Technical and rebreather divers who do not have a dive buddy may hire one of our technical or rebreather dive guides to accompany them. The following limitations apply: 

  • Maximum depth limit for guided dives is 330 feet / 100 meters

  • Maximum total runtime is 3 hours

  • A dive planning session must take place between the diver(s) and the dive guide prior to all guided dives involving planned decompression. 

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