General information about working for Divetech

Divetech offers an extremely diverse environment to work in as a scuba instructor, where one can gain meaningful experience in all areas of the dive industry, while working in a world-class diving destination. 

Please read this page entirely, and apply using our online link found below. Please do not email resume's or CV's. Your attention to detail on this first step is part of the application process. 



Divetech is a PADI, SSI, IANTD and TDI facility. Applicants must be a scuba instructor in good standing from one or more of these organizations. Preference is always given to native Caymanian applicants. If you are a Caymanian who is not a certified instructor, please visit this link for our Caymanian scholarship programs.


Jobs are only given to expatriate applicants when no suitable Caymanian application has been received. Applicants who have experience and or certifications in the following areas will be given preference: 


  • Boat Captain or strong experience in marine service and repair

  • Service Technician (ScubaPro)

  • Strong computer skills 

  • Experience fixing/maintaining air compressors 

  • Freediving instructor, or Freediving level 2 certification

  • Open-circuit technical diving instructor

  • Rebreather instructor

  • Rebreather Normoxic or Hypoxic Trimix (Supervisor preferred, or diver)

  • Sidemount Instructor

  • Magazine writing experience, and/or good writing skills (demo of work required)

  • Sales experience 

  • Graphic design

Applicants must:

  • Be in good physical condition, and be able to lift and carry 2 aluminum 100's a distance of up to 100 meters repeatedly. We carry lots of tanks here. 

  • Have a clean driving record, without moving violations or drinking and driving offenses, and be able to get a valid Cayman Islands Motor Vehicle license within 6 weeks of start of employment (insurance requirement)

  • Have a clean police record with no criminal convictions (CI Immigration requirement)

  • Be able to pass a medical clearance (CI Immigration requirement)

  • Speak, read and write english with native-level fluency (CI Immigration requirement)

  • Be at least 26 years old (insurance requirement)



Divetech offers the following compensation for it’s employees


  • 5 day per week work schedule (2 days off every week)

  • Tips

  • Extra pay for night dives

  • Extra pay for 5-star Trip Advisor reviews

  • Health insurance

  • Paid sick leave

  • Optional dental insurance

  • 2 weeks paid vacation annually

  • 13 paid holidays annually - either extra pay or extra days off

  • Lieu days for extra time worked

  • Pension contributions

  • Uniforms

  • Salary commensurate with experience

  • Option to use group liability insurance

Divetech believes strongly in career and instructor development, and is a great place to learn. Divetech constantly offers opportunities to expand your certifications and instructor ratings, on both a paid and unpaid basis. 

Training opportunities includes: 

  • Instructor Development - the opportunity to become an instructor in technical diving, or freediving

  • Technical dive training, including sidemount, and trimix

  • Rebreather training, including air and helium diluents

  • Use of Divetech rental rebreathers for both guided dives and personal use

  • Freedive training

  • Gas blender training

  • Boat captain training

Divetech operates out of 3 locations. Employees rotate assignments daily, and will find themselves instructing classes, guiding dives, filling tanks, staffing retail shops, conducting repairs and crewing boats. In addition, employees may be assigned to maintenance tasks, such as repairs, servicing, tank visual inspection, or other specialty assignments as needed. During an average week, an employee will find themselves in-water conducting training classes, or guiding dives 2-3 days. Work days are generally 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM.

Hiring Process


Applicants may apply anytime via our online application page. Divetech accepts applications regardless if we have open positions available or not. 

All applications go into our employment database. At such time when we have a vacancy, Divetech will draw from the applicants in our database that meet the criteria of our current needs. 

Applicants will then be contacted for the following: 

  • Determining interest, and availability for the available position

  • Follow up information

  • Submission of references

  • Online aptitude test

  • Interview, either in person or online video

Successful applicants will then be offered a conditional job offer, requested to sign a job contract, and requested to submit their documentation for work permitting if required. Upon start of employment, new hires are on a 3 month probationary period, where either side may terminate the employment at any time for any reason. 

Cayman Islands Immigration 

Preference is given to Caymanian dive instructors. If not a Caymanian citizen with a right-to-work, applicants must be able to pass all of the requirements to obtain a work permit for the Cayman Islands. Upon conditional offer of employment, the applicant should be prepared to provide by mail, a completed and signed work permit application, 2 passport photos, a current, certified copy of a police clearance certificate from the law enforcement jurisdiction in which they currently reside. Applicants will also be required to pass a medical screening. 


Hints on how to stand out


Divetech receives a large number of resumes submitted weekly. Divetech is always willing to train the right individual. The right individual is someone who has good attention to detail, and is organized.

Your resume

Your resume/CV is how you present yourself, and how you make your very first impression. It is the single most important thing in selling yourself. A good resume gets a call back for an interview. A bad one get you eliminated. 

Having lots of experience or certifications does not make for a good resume. We are talking about presentation, and formatting. There are literally hundreds of websites online that will help you present your resume in a great format that looks visually appealing. Many of them are free. Take the time to research and use them! 

What we like to see - clean, 1-page resumes in a visually appealing format. Accurate information that is up-to date

What we don't like to see - resumes of 4 pages or more, lack of proper formatting or justification, serif fonts. 

Your photograph

Many people ask why do we need a photograph of the applicant? Well it's not to determine if we think you are good looking or not. Your professional appearance is another key component in how you sell yourself. In today's day and age, having a good photograph of yourself is easy to do. Again, hundreds of free websites online give excellent tips and tricks on how to make a professional looking head shot. Read them, grab a friend and go. 

What we like to see - clean, professional head shots of the candidate.


What we don't like to see - group shots, or selfies in mirrors. Most importantly, don't send us a photo of you in the bar. 

Do research about where you are applying


Successful hires are those who, in addition to the above, have done research about Divetech and the Cayman Islands. There's plenty of information out there about living and working in the Cayman Islands. 

What we like to see - applicants who have read our website, know about Divetech, what we do, and who we are. 

What we don't like to see - applicants who don't know where the Cayman Islands are. 

Your cover letter

Applicants who have taken the time to write a personalized cover letter score points with our selection process. If you have addressed the letter to the owner, written something you found funny on our facebook page, or referenced some small detail you found on our website, you are guaranteed to get a callback, even if you've ignored our other points here. This shows us immediately, that you've taken the time to learn something about us. Again use some online tools to write it in a proper format. 

What Divetech seeks

Our employees are what makes our company's reputation. As such, Divetech's owner strives to be the best boss possible, and offer the best working conditions and benefit set possible, so we may recruit the best staff possible.

Our target applicants are:

  • Single, in their 30's-40's. (Sorry we do not accept applications from couples, and Cayman Immigration does not allow for dependats on work permits.)

  • Good with customers.

  • Strong minded employees who can work with minimal supervision. 

  • Candidates that are versatile and have skill sets outside of diving such as engine repair, graphic design, or professional writing and editing abilities.

​You do not need to be experienced in technical diving, but a willingness to learn about it helps. 

If you have read this far, you are above our average applicant, and you'll have a good chance with us! Thanks for your interest!

Working for Divetech

In the four years that I have worked for Divetech I have been fortunate enough to receive more training and development than I can imagine ever finding in another company. Divetech offer the widest range of training programs in the Cayman Islands and the company owner Jo Mikutowicz has a passion for supporting her staff to benefit from this.

My role within the company is varied and no two working weeks in Divetech are the same. As such I have received plenty of work based training in areas like boat captain & maintenance, salvage work, equipment repair & maintenance, running a compressor and partial pressure blending. Further to this I have been lucky enough to be trained from a brand new IANTD rebreather diver up to hypoxic trimix, IANTD gas blender, PADI open circuit tec 45,50 & 65 and even my PADI tec IDC which enables me to teach the tec deep program. The majority of this training was conducted during work hours at zero cost to myself.

My time in Divetech so far has accelerated my personal development to a level I never thought possible. The training in its own right is a big reason why I love my job with the company but the second part of this is that I have been given the opportunity to develop my role within the company to utilise the skills I have acquired along the way. I look forward to continuing to work within a company which truly embodies the ethos of employee development.

—  Drew McArthur,

Service Manager