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How to be a good applicant

Divetech receives a large number of resumes submitted weekly. So when applying to work at Divetech, how do you make yourself stand out? Frequently our applicants think the number of dives they have, or the number of certifications they have issued are the keys thought the door, but most often this isn't the case.

Divetech seeks to be the best dive center in the Cayman Islands. The biggest variable in that is the quality of our employees. As such, we believe in quality over quantity. Divetech's owner recognizes this fact, and strives to make Divetech the best dive center to work for. Want an example? During the COVID19 lockdown, we were not allowed to work for 92 days. Despite this, each employee received their full wages during this period, and continue to do so even though tourism remains closed.

So how do we identify a quality applicant? Here's some of the criteria we use:

Don't let the name fool you

Despite the fact our name is Divetech, very little of our business is technical diving. We receive countless applications from technical instructors who think that all they will be doing with us is conducting guided rebreather dives, or teaching tech diving classes. Sorry, the reality is only about 4% of our business involves tech diving and rebreathers. The bulk of our business are new to moderately experienced scuba divers.

Another issue here, is we tend to attract many divers who wish to become technical divers. When the owner asks you the question "Why do you want to work at Divetech?" there's no worse answer than to say "I want to become a tech diver." While free instruction, and instructor development in tech diving / rebreathers is a benefit offered at Divetech, it's a reward for good performance as an employee.

Your attention to detail

To begin with Divetech does not accept applications through email, rather we use an online application. There's a number of reasons for this - it allows us to filter applicants easier to find someone who suits our needs best. It also easily allows us to provide applicant details to the Cayman Islands Department of Immigration without time-consuming data correlation.

Sending your resume to our inbox shows you didn't take the time to read the instructions, or this article. ​

Your resume

Your resume/CV is how you present yourself, and how you make your very first impression. It is the single most important thing in selling yourself. A good resume gets a call back for an interview. A bad one get you eliminated.

Having lots of experience or certifications does not make for a good resume. I can't stress this enough, we are talking about the presentation and formatting of your resume, not the content within it.

An example of 2 resumes. The one on the left has great formatting and presentation and is a single page. The one on the right has very poor formatting.

If you are a brand-new instructor with a properly formatted resume, you will be given preference over someone who has 1,000 certifications and a poorly formatted resume. Why? This shows us you know how to look professional - the single biggest attribute we require. There are literally hundreds of websites online that will help you present your resume in a great format that looks visually appealing. Many of them are free. Take the time to research and use them!

What we like to see - clean, 1-page resumes in a visually appealing format. Accurate information that is up-to date

What we don't like to see - resumes of 2 pages or more, lack of proper formatting or justification, serif fonts. If Elon Musk can make his resume 1 page, then you can too.

Your photograph

Many people ask why do we need a photograph of the applicant? Well it's not to determine if we think you are good looking or not. Your professional appearance is another key component in how you sell yourself. Long hair, beards and tattoos (except facial tattoos) are ok, but how well are you groomed? Is your shirt clean? Is your hair neatly combed? Do you look neat and tidy? These are essential attributes we look for. In today's day and age, having a good photograph of yourself is easy to do. Again, hundreds of free websites online give excellent tips and tricks on how to make a professional looking head shot. Read them, grab a friend and go.

What we like to see - clean, professional head shots of the candidate.

What we don't like to see - group shots, or selfies in mirrors. Most importantly, don't send us a photo of you in the bar.

Both of these shots were taken with a mobile phone. Guess which one we like better?

Do research about where you are applying

Successful hires are those who, in addition to the above, have done research about Divetech and the Cayman Islands. There's plenty of information out there about living and working in the Cayman Islands. Here's a good resource to learn from: https://caymanresident.com/

What we like to see - applicants who have read our website, know about Divetech, what we do, and who we are.

What we don't like to see - applicants who don't know where the Cayman Islands are.

Your cover letter

Applicants who have taken the time to write a personalized cover letter score points with our selection process. If you have addressed the letter to the owner or manager, written something you found funny on our facebook page, or referenced some small detail you found on our website, you are likely to get a callback, even if you've ignored our other points here. This shows us immediately, that you've taken the time to learn something about us. Again use some online tools to write it in a proper format.

What Divetech seeks

Our employees are what makes our company's reputation. As such, Divetech's owner strives to be the best boss possible, and offer the best working conditions and benefit set possible, so we may recruit the best staff possible.

Our target applicants are:

  • Single, in their 30's-40's. (Sorry we do not accept applications from couples, and Cayman Immigration does not allow for dependents on work permits.)

  • Good with customers.

  • Strong minded employees who can work with minimal supervision.

  • Candidates that are versatile and have skill sets outside of diving such as engine repair, graphic design, or professional writing and editing abilities. We would rather see an outside skill set over numbers of dives or certifications.

​You do not need to be experienced in technical diving, but a willingness to learn about it helps.

If you have read this far, you are above our average applicant, and you'll have a good chance with us! Thanks for your interest!