A pair of Junior Open Water Divers and their dive guide meet a hawksbill turtle in Grand Cayman

Kids & Families Scuba Diving

Training for younger divers is offered year round and includes PADI Seals, Rangers, Junior Open Water, Adventure and Advanced Certification courses. Kids dive courses are taught by certified Instructors who have additional training in emergency response and care for children. We can plan their schedules to run as 1/2 day sessions while the parents are doing something else like taking part in one of our 2-tank boat trips or structure courses that fit in with other vacation plans. Kids can also participate in many adventure dives such as navigation, photography, Marine ID, Coral ID and awareness.

A divemaster with 2 Junior Open Water divers on one of Grand Cayman's reefs.

Sasy/snorkel is for younger kids interested in learning basic snorkel/scuba dive skills in the pool and the ocean. "SASY" is a Surface Supplied Air System that resembles a scuba unit with a small tank and regulator and is designed to to float on the surface. The participant gets to breathe through the regulator thus creating bubbles so is just like diving apart from remaining on the surface. The "BCD" is in effect a life jacket and does not permit the child to descend underwater but does provide a safe and comfortable snorkel system.


The class will begin in the pool teaching kids snorkel techniques using a scuba mask and fins.  They will learn how to equalize their ears as well as "blast" clear their snorkels. The students will then be introduced to the SASY unit, and taught how to set it up.  They will learn to breathe through a regulator and other basic scuba skills like clearing their mask and recovering their regulator. It’s a blast for the kids and gives the parents an opportunity to go out diving.


Seal/Ranger dive courses match the times that parents are out diving on the boats. A general comfort in the water and the desire to explore the sea is a must! 2-3 1/2 days are needed to get the kids diving in the ocean.The kids are taught how to scuba dive in the pool and then in the ocean in calm shallow waters filled with marine life. Divetech instructors tailor the dive training to the child student so if there is something the Seal/Ranger is not ready to try they are not required to do it. Once the children are comfortable we can take them out into the ocean to do photo, fish ID, or navigation dives etc. There are so many options and so much fun to be had!

A junior open water diver on Mitch Millers reef in Grand Cayman

Kids aged 10 and up can learn to scuba dive and earn their Junior Open Water certification, which prepares them to go no deeper than 40 to 60 feet (age dependent). They can start their course at their own pace at home online prior to arriving in Grand Cayman which means less classroom time on vacation. Kids graduate as certified divers, earn a college credit and learn about the ocean and marine life.


Once certified as a Jr. Open water diver, kids can continue their underwater adventure by doing 3 specialty dives and to earn their Adventure Diver Certification. Specialty dives include Fish ID, Navigation, Buoyancy, Photography, Search and Recovery, Wreck and Naturalist to choose from.

A junior Open Water diver doing a giant stride entry off the dive boat
Jacob earns his junior Open Water certification at the age of 10

Divetech will take the kids on 5 different adventures, choosing from Fish ID, Navigation, Buoyancy, Photography, Search and Recovery, Wreck, Deep, Night, Scooter and Naturalist dives. Continue the adventure!


For the younger kids that are certified and restricted to 40’ in depth, Divetech offers guided shore dives to explore the reefs with an Instructor. Kids can join in on the Kittiwake, Stingray City, and shallow reef boat trips too! 

There are so many options for us to get the whole family in the water doing something, why not drop us a line with your ideas and we'll see what we can offer?

Caleb snorkleing the reef in Grand Cayman