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Main Location

Divetech's main location and shore diving spot is located at

Lighthouse Point 571 Northwest Point Road in West Bay

Boat docks

Our boats depart from several different locations, depending on the activity. With prior arrangement you can meet us directly at the boat, just be sure to check first to see where we leave from!

West Bay Dock - For trips on the west side

Cayman Islands Yacht Club - for North Wall trips

Morgan's Harbor - For Stingray  City and North Wall trips. 

All locations are on the adjacent map for easy directions. 

How to find us

Mailing address

Want to send us something the old fashioned way? 

Divetech Grand Cayman

PO BOX 31435 

Georgetown, Grand Cayman


Cayman Islands, BWI

​Note! You can't send mail to our physical address - the Cayman post office will not deliver it. Nor can you send physical packages. They will not deliver it. 

Some of our phone numbers have changed!

In an effort to streamline operations, as well as save money, we've streamlined our phone system. As a result some of the phone numbers you have on file for us might not work any longer. 

345-945-1802 and 345-949-1700 were numbers once assigned to Divetech that we no longer use. Please contact us at our main number 345-946-5658 if you are in the Cayman Islands and at 877-946-5658 if you are in the United States or Canada. 

How to reach us

Divetech dive boats in Gand Cayman

Contact Divetech

Facebook, WhatsApp, telephone, email, snail mail. Every way to contact us is listed below along with a map of our locations. ​

All of our emails and messages are answered in less than 1 business day. 

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