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We love the Cayman Islands and we are sure you will too. This is our guide to all things Cayman, from how to get here to what to do, with lots of tips and tricks in between. Take advantage of numerous attractions and amazing culinary scene.

For those unfamiliar, Grand Cayman could really be considered 2 islands. The west side (pink area) and the east side have a very different feel and style, with Georgetown serving as the boundary between them. 

Divetech, located in West Bay, sits just above the hotspot that is Seven Mile Beach. While great diving, restaurants and attractions can be found all over the island, the bulk of these are in the Seven Mile Beach area, and this is by far the more populous area of the island. 

Seven Mile Beach is a district of Grand Cayman, named after the beach that sits on its west coast. It is the longest beach in Grand Cayman - most of the island is surrounded by hard coral known as ironshore or barrier reef. 

The Cayman Islands is a dual currency country. The Cayman Islands Dollar (KYD,) is commonly known as the CI dollar, and is tied directly to the value of the US dollar at a rate of $1 CI dollar to  $1.25 US dollars. Almost every business, including taxis and buses, will accept the US dollar as payment, as well as US credit and debit cards. A benefit to this system is your credit card is charged in US dollars, so in most cases there are no conversion fees or out-of-country fees. We are required to provide change in CI dollars. 

About Grand Cayman

Map of Grand Cayman Island

Many guests will elect to book their own accommodations and activities, so as to maximize their opportunities and take advantage of everything Grand Cayman has to offer.
Some great deals are to be had from privately owned condos and AirBNB's in short term rental, where full kitchens offer dine-in convenience and the amenities of home. 

Guests looking to dive with Divetech and stay within a reasonable distance from us are advised to book their stay in the Seven Mile Beach, West Bay or upper Georgetown areas, which are the pink highlighted areas of our map at the top of the page.  

If you need advice on the best areas to stay, don't hesitate to contact us and ask for advice. When you're ready to book your diving activities, Divetech is available! 

Diving only packages start at 3 days and include unlimited shore diving from both our shore diving locations. 

Diving Package Pricing

The above prices are estimates and will vary based on season, room type, and other add-ons. For a specific quote, kindly contact us


Need rental gear? Rental pricing

A-La-Carte Bookings

3-day Boat Diving Package



w/ unlimited unguided shore diving

Each Additional Day



w/ unlimited unguided shore diving

Unlimited Nitrox



Price per day

For guests looking for the convenience of an all-in-one booking, Divetech serves as the booking agent for select privately owned condominiums, including our new adjacent property - Lighthouse Point Residences. 

Divetech can handle dive-and-room packages for individuals, couples, and group travel. We do not offer meal packages at this time. 

Sample Pricing

Pricing here is per person and based on double occupancy for 7 nights accommodation and 6 days of boat diving with unlimited shore diving. Rates will vary by season. For more detailed dive and room quotes, please contact us


Need rental gear? Rental pricing

Change to Cobalt Coast Resort is under construction but we will update when it is open for guests. Or wait until it’s open to update!

Dive & Room Packages

7-night/6-day package



Lighthouse Point Residences

7-night/6-day package



Grand Caymanian

Balcony at Lighthouse Point Residences, Grand Cayman

Owen Roberts International Airport sits in the heart of Georgetown, offering regular nonstop flights to a variety of major hubs in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. 

The COVID-19 pandemic shut the Cayman Islands borders down from March of 2020 but reopened in August 2022 with no travel restrictions. Some airline routes have been discontinued or changed. 

The following airlines currently offer services to/from Owen Roberts International Airport, Grand Cayman. Some operate on a seasonal basis. 

Getting to Grand Cayman



Central America / Caribbean

To take advantage of everything Grand Cayman has to offer,

you'll need some way to get around. For all activities except unguided shore diving, Divetech offers complimentary transportation to all hotels and condos in the West Bay and Seven Mile Beach districts. 

For other transportation, the following options are available: 

Renting a car

This is surprisingly the most cost effective means of transportation in the Cayman Islands. You just need to be comfortable driving on the left side of the roadway. Check out our blog post about driving in Cayman here 

Public bus 

Cayman's public bus system is slightly different than what you may be used to at home, but it's inexpensive and convenient. This is our personal favorite mode of transportation if a vehicle is unavailable to you. Buses accept US and CI cash, and fares start at $2 CI. For extended fares to the East End and Rum Point, fares increase to as much as $5 CI and transfers are required at the bus depot, but it's pretty simple and the drivers are helpful. 


Taxis are also a bit different than what you might be accustomed to. Taxis in the Cayman Islands are mostly vans, that operate without a meter, instead using a zone concept. The fares will be more than what you are used to, and they also charge based on the number of persons being transported. 


​The micro-mobility company Bird has arrived on-island with rideshare scooters strategically placed around Georgetown, Seven Mile Beach, and West Bay. Download an app, locate and activate any scooter near you for a short-term transit billed by the minute. Some limitations apply, and scooters are not allowed on select roads. 


Many private condo and AirBNB rentals will have bicycles available to borrow or rent. In addition, Cycle Cayman has rental bicycles available across select areas of Seven Mile Beach for short term transit. 

Getting around the island

In addition to being a premier dive destination, Grand Cayman is well known as a clean, safe, luxury destination. As such, there is no shortage of fine dining, drinking and shopping. Check out our list of staff-recommended restaurants and things to do.

Things to do

A local attraction on Grand Cayman

About Cayman

Getting to Cayman

Getting around

Things to do

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