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What is eLearning?

In almost every scuba diving training class there is an academic portion that must be completed. In today's age, with most training agencies, you'll often have a choice between a traditional classroom session, or having eLearning supplement some or all of the academic component.

Most of us are familiar with remote, or online learning and eLearning is no different. The benefit of eLearning is that it allows you to complete the academic portion at home, at your leisure. This means you spend less of your Cayman holiday time in class, and more time enjoying yourself.

Divetech offers classes with traditional instructor-led teaching for the academics, or eLearning, and there will be a price difference between the two methods. In most cases, when taking an eLearning class, the amount of time you spend with Divetech will be less, so the class fees will be less. It's very important to note that you'll pay 2 fees when doing an eLearning class. One fee is to Divetech for the time you spend with us in-water. The second fee is directly to the training agency for the eLearning portion you purchase and complete online.

Do I need to do both?

No! You only need to enroll in an eLearning class, or a traditional classroom lecture-style class. Some scuba classes are not available in an eLearning format, and others are only available in eLearning. It really depends on the class you wish to take, and the training agency. When you choose the eLearning component your instructor will do a quick theory review with you to ensure full understanding and, at Divetech, we are available with help and advice as you work through your online course.

Once complete you will be issued a digital certificate that you then print and bring with you for your in-water portion of your training.

Confused? No worries, contact us to help you figure it out.


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