Scuba Diving

An aerial shot of Lighthouse Point Dive Resort
Shore Diving

Just steps from Divetech's Lighthouse Point location, lies our thriving house reef. Enjoy the tranquility of a shallow dive with the world-famous Guardian of the Reef statue or head out a little further to the dramatic main wall. Learn more...

An arial shot of Divetech's pink 36-Netwon Dive Boat
Boat Diving

Divetech offer two-tank boat trips every morning and a selection of one or two-tank trips in the afternoon. Divetech's fleet includes two 36-foot Newton Dive Specials, and a 30-foot Island Hopper. All pink of course!  Learn more...


Check out freediving & breath-hold diving with Divetech. If you're already a free diver, expand your horizons by learning techniques to improve your bottom time, safety, techniques or depths. Learn more..

The USS Kittwake, off West Bay, Grand Cayman
USS Kittiwake

Discover the Cayman Islands #1 requested dive - the USS Kittiwake. During her service, she was a diver equipped, submarine support vessel. Now, 60' underwater, she's ideal for beginners and experienced divers alike . Learn more...

Stingrays glide along the clear water off Grand Cayman's Stingray City.
Stingray City

Billed as possibly the world’s greatest 12 foot dive, Stingray City is a must for all visitors to Grand Cayman. It’s like being in an aquarium, but it’s the real McCoy, the natural environment where the Stingray’s live. Learn more...

Divers prepare to night dive Lighthouse Point's mini wall and reef.
Night Diving

Diving at night introduces you to a whole new world of fun. Look for octopus that change color right in front of your eyes, bioluminescence, lobsters, sleeping turtles and check out how the reef looks under blue light  Learn more...

Underwater DPV's or Dive Scoters sits on the dock at Lighthouse Point Dive Resort.
Scooter Diving

Divetech is the only diving operation on Grand Cayman to offer underwater scooter rentals. Whether you want to use less energy kicking around, head out further afield or just want the fun of the ride, these are for you!  Learn more...

Joanna and her pink KISS Orca Spirit rebreather
Rebreather Diving

Divetech rent tanks to fit all major rebreathers currently on the market. Along with a range of bailout tanks, boosted oxygen, helium and CO2 absorbent, Divetech is ready to support your rebreather travel. Learn more...

Technical divers in doubles prepare for a dive.
Technical Diving

Doubles, stage bottles, trimix, deco gas, oxygen and deep wall dives to satisfy the most adventurous tech diver. Divetech also has all the gear you need, including backplates, wings, harnesses, and Shearwater decompression computers.