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Technical diving tanks

Divetech offers a range of technical diving courses, from a half-day program to experience diving in technical equipment for the first time, to learning how to plan and execute technical dives up to 50m/165ft with multiple decompression stops and decompression gasses up to 100 percent oxygen. All of our technical diving courses utilize technical diving equipment; backplate & wing, double tanks with isolator manifold, and regulators. The courses are all run from our Cobalt Coast shore diving location, with access to the main wall allowing for deeper profiles among pristine corals and sponges.


Discover Tec - $250

Tec Basics - $350

Tec 40 - $675 plus $75 gas cost

Tec 45 - $675 plus $125 gas cost

Tec 50 - $725 plus $175 gas cost

Technical Diving Courses

Did you know every photo used on our website, Facebook or Instagram profile is taken by our in-house photo pros? Our photo experts have been in the underwater photo industry professionally for over 15 years, but we like to let their work speak for itself. 

Photo students are often frustrated with other classes where instructors simply provide lists of camera settings, or speak above the knowledge base of their students. Divetech's classes are one-on-one to tailor the learning directly to the student with absolute improvement in results. 

Topics depend on the student's needs and can include topside lecture along with in-water shooting, and post-dive critique. Topics can include:  

  • Equipment selection

  • Shooting and exposure basics

  • Setting your camera up for best results

  • Shooting techniques

  • Lighting techniques 

  • Composition

  • Post-processing / Lightroom techniques

  • Advanced photography


Be sure to check out our blog and some of the photo articles we have written there! 


Photography Dive -  $125

Photography Dives - $200 (in same half-day)

Photography Instruction

Underwater camera rig.

Lionfish are an invasive species here in the Caribbean. Cayman's Department of Environment lionfish culling course is taught by Divetech instructors, so you can understand the issue, and safely hunt lionfish in Cayman waters. The Cayman Islands' Department of Environment sanctioned lionfish control program exists in order to minimize the population of this invasive species. If you'd like to cull lionfish legally in the Cayman Islands then you need to have taken part in the DOE course.

Upon completion of the class, you will be registered with the Cayman Islands Department of Environment as a certified Lionfish culler which is good for life. Certified lionfish cullers may then borrow pole spears and lionfish containment buckets to hunt for lionfish with a Divetech staff member. ​

It's important to note the following Cayman Islands laws apply to lionfish hunting: 

  • Only DOE-issued pole spears are allowed in the Cayman Islands

  • It is ILLEGAL to bring your own spear from off-island

  • Only certified Cayman Islands DOE cullers may spear

  • DOE issued spears must be used in the presence of the dive shop staff (this is the law)

  • When spearing you must have a lionfish containment device

  • You may not feed lionfish to other marine life​

  • You must be at least 18 years old to take a lionfish culling class, or to hunt lionfish. 


Need rental gear? Rental pricing

Lionfish Culler

Guided lionfish cull



DoE lionfish course



minimum of 2 people

A diver with a lionfish.

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