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Every year, with the support of our friends, Divetech celebrates the day with a charity fundraiser, of which 100% of the proceeds on the day go directly to the cause. Despite the Cayman Islands borders still closed to outside tourism, July 17th, 2021 was no different. 

In 2020, over 2.3 million people worldwide were diagnosed with breast cancer. Divetech set a goal to dive 1 second for each person afflicted, which comes to 639 hours underwater. With the help of 

our friends and supporters worldwide, we were able to smash this record, and donate over $10,000 to the Cayman Islands Breast Cancer Foundation.

Female divers to support Women's Dive Day.

Women's Dive Day 2021

Women's Dive Day 2022

Stay tuned for Women's Dive Day 2022! Divetech will of course have a charity event and challenge as we always do. Follow us on Facebook, or check back to this page in spring of 2022 for more details. 

Hopefully the Cayman Islands Borders will be open and you can come join us in person!

Joanna Mikutowicz delivers a donation check to the Cayman Islands Breast Cancer Foundation.
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