Diving the Cayman dive site Sand Chute on a pink KISS Orca Spirit rebreather

Rebreather Training

Are you ready to take the plunge? With warm, clear Caribbean water, quick access to diving 365 days per year, and our perfect shore diving site, getting certified on a rebreather could not be easier than with Divetech. 

Divetech offers try-dives for entry-level, and advanced rebreather classes. 

KISS rebreather instrutor assists a student with a no-mask skill
Try a rebreather with the Rebreather Experience


Unsure if rebreather diving is for you? Just curious to see what it's like? ​Divetech offers rebreather try-dives. This is a half-day program, where you'll sit with one of our experienced rebreather instructors, and get hands-on experience. After a quick lecture, you'll practice a few quick skills in our sea-pool, and then go on a hour-long dive along our house reef with your instructor. 

A KISS rebreather instructor assisting in a bailout drill
Get Certified - Rebreather Training progression

Divetech uses TDI for our rebreather training. The path for rebreather instruction is as follows:

  • Air Diluent CCR Diver - certifies you using air diluent to 100 feet with no decompression. This is for those who have no technical diving background or certifications. 

  • Air Diluent CCR Decompression Diver - certifies you using air diluent to 130 feet with limited decompression. This is for those new to rebreathers, but who have some basic open-circuit technical diving experience. The minimum required certification to enroll in this level is Advanced Nitrox. If you have been an Air Diluent CCR Diver with 25 hours and 6 months of experience, you may enroll in a shortened 'upgrade class' to add 30 feet of max depth and decompression to your certification. This class is sometimes known as "Mod 1."

  • Helitrox CCR Decompression Diver - this class certifies you using trimix diluent to 150 feet with decompression. Divers who are new to rebreathers may enroll in this class, provided you have Advanced Nitrox as your pre-requisite certification. 

  • Mixed Gas CCR Diver - this class certifies you to 200 feet using trimix diluents and multiple bailout bottles for staged decompression. You must have 50 hours as a rebreather diver to enroll in this class. This class is sometimes known as normoxic trimix, or "Mod 2."

For a list of prices, and durations of class, please scroll down. 

A KISS rebreather diver on a deco stop after a normoxic trimix dive
Rebreathers we teach


For it's sheer simplicity, durability, ease of use, and lightweight design, Divetech teaches our try-dives, entry and advanced level rebreather classes on the KISS Orca Spirit rebreather. 

For those who have not yet purchased a unit, Divetech offers the KISS Orca Spirit LTE for rental.

Crossover Instruction

Crossover instruction to the KISS Orca Spirit  one rebreather to another is available in as little as 2 days. Contact us for details. 


Pricing for instruction and rental is as follows. These prices are generated using the current cost of oxygen, helium, and CO2 absorbent, and they do fluctuate. Oxygen, diluent CO2 absorbent, and bailout are included in air-diluent classes. 

E-learning fees (if applicable,) helium based diluents and decompression bailout gasses are not included in trimix classes. The gasses column of the price sheet is an estimate of costs based off an average use per class, and the current price of helium in the Cayman Islands. As of May 1, 2019, helium prices have increased drastically and is in short supply.