A snorkeler at Stingray City in Grand Cayman

Stingray City

Possibly one of the world’s most enjoyable 12’ dives, Stingray City is an absolute must do for all visitors to Grand Cayman. Unlike the sand bar which can get a little crowded, we prefer to run trips out to the dive site where you can kneel down in the sand and enjoy the spectacle of an abundance of southern stingrays swimming all around you.

And it’s not just the rays that you can find here, the schools of snappers, jacks, sergeant majors & tangs against the backdrop of beautiful coral heads really make you feel like you are sitting in an aquarium.

The dive site itself is inside the protection of the north sound and averages a depth of around 12 feet, so is great for snorkelers as well as divers. We typically run trips out to Stingray City in the afternoon and usually have a few scheduled each week.

For rates on Stingray City dives please refer to our general Boat Diving page.

A group of divers at Stingray City, Grand Cayman.

Southern stingrays are perfectly safe to be near. On the boat we joke that the rays in attendance have all been through a training program and have a license to work in the tourism industry. Of course that’s not true but when you witness the spectacular interaction that divers can enjoy while settled on the white sands, you will be amazed that no formal training has taken place and that these creatures are still entirely in the wild.

This truly is a trip that will never be forgotten. Stingray City is perfect for all the family and a great place to get some really cool pics and videos of yourself underwater surrounded by wildlife.

One of Divetech's divemasters at Stingray City, Grand Cayman