Scooter Diving

Why swim when you can scooter!

Diver Propulsion Vehicles (DPV’s) to give them their formal name, enable the user to cover a greater distance while using less energy. The kind of dive they facilitate isn’t really about looking at the fine detail hoping to find cool macro critters, it’s about the ride and enjoying the reef as you zoom past it.

You don’t need to have a DPV specialty certification in order to use these scooters but we can arrange that for you while here on island if you like. If you are confident enough to take them out without an instructor then we’ll give you a full rundown as to how to use them then off you go, just remember to hold on tight!

Not confident to go on your own? Contact us to arrange a guided scooter dive. 

The video below shows just how fun riding an underwater scooter can be!

West Bay Express


If you want to step the adventure up even further than renting the scooters for a shore dive then why not try the West Bay Express? West Bay Express is a one-way scooter trip along the main or mini wall - your choice. Fear not! One of our dive boats will follow along with you for the ride back to the shop. 

Throughout the whole trip, it is sometimes possible to whizz through four or five dive sites at a time. We run the trip with a minimum of 2 people and a maximum of 8, depending on boat availability so if this sounds like your kind of fun then let us know as soon as you can that you want us to make it happen.


West Bay Express requires a minimum of 2-persons to run. Prior to joining the West Bay Express , you will need to have used our scooters on a shore dive at least once. The specific start point and route will depend on the conditions on the day.

The West Bay Express leaderord
West Bay Express Leaderboard


Fans of the British show Top Gear will recognize our leaderboard from their segment "Star in a reasonably priced car."

The concept is simple. How far can you go on your scooter? Our record so far is held by our own staff member Serena Evans, who traveled from Lighthouse Point to the Doc Paulson -  a distance of 1.69 miles. 

Want to see how much fun the West Bay Express is? View our video below: 

Rates in USD including any applicable taxes. Guided shore scooter dive and West Bay Express includes scooters, tanks (Air) and weights, equipment rental is additional.