Divetech's Lighthouse Point location at night

Night Diving

Diving at night is a truly awesome experience. Under the cover of darkness, the oceans inhabitants completely change their behaviour. From sleeping turtles to hunting octopus, diving in the dark introduces you to a whole new world.

As the sun goes down, so creatures that usually hide throughout the day start to come out in the search of food. Lobsters that can usually only be spotted under rocks patrol the hardpan with yellow stingrays never too far away. 

Night dives are very easy at our award winning Lighthouse Point shore dive location. Entering from our dock or sea pool it is a short 5 minute swim to the reef wall between 25 and 60 feet. 

Divetech instructor preparing for a night dive in Grand Cayman
Guided Night Dives

On Monday and Thursdays we offer regular guided night dives at Lighthouse Point. Included in the guided night dive is an experienced dive instructor as your guide, a dive light, tank and weights.

Night divers off Lighthouse Point DIve Resort.
Kittiwake Night Dives

If you thought the Kittiwake was a great dive during the day, see it in a whole different "light" at night. Observe the many critters who appear out of their hiding places from the nooks and crannies in the wreck itself, or the adjacent reef. 

Kittiwake night dives are available on request, with a minimum of 4 persons.

An example of flouro-night diving.

Rates in USD including any applicable taxes. Guided night dives include dive lights, tanks (Air) and weights, equipment rental is additional.