Lionfish Culling & Hunting

Lionfish Hunter

The Cayman Islands' Department of Environment (DoE) sanctioned lionfish control program exists in order to minimize the population of this invasive species. Lionfish are putting incredible strain on our reefs and currently, the only way to alleviate this pressure is for divers to remove them.


If you'd like to cull lionfish legally in the Cayman Islands then you need to have taken part in the DoE course which is intended to educate the participants about lionfish, the ecological threat they pose here, the risks involved in culling them and how to actively take part in catching one. Divetech is one of the DoE approved centers on Grand Cayman who can teach this course.


Your half-day lionfish culling class will consist of: 

  • Lecture and presentation on the lionfish problem

  • How to safely use the spear and containment device

  • Shore dive to hunt for lionfish

  • Demonstration on how to safely clean and handle lionfish post-catch

Upon completion of the class, you will be registered with the Cayman Islands Department of Environment as a certified Lionfish culler which is good for life. Certified lionfish cullers may then borrow pole spears and lionfish containment buckets to hunt for lionfish with a Divetech staff member. 

The laws

It's important to note the following Cayman Islands laws apply to lionfish hunting: 

  • Only DOE-issued pole spears are allowed in the Cayman Islands

  • It is ILLEGAL to bring your own spear from off-island

  • Only certified Cayman Islands DOE cullers may spear

  • DOE issued spears must be used in the presence of the dive shop staff (this is the law)

  • When spearing you must have a lionfish containment device

  • You may not feed lionfish to other marine life

Lionfish that are caught may be taken home by the culler. The culler also has the option to sell their catch to one of the local restaurants. 

Why are lionfish a problem? 


Visit the website and have a look at their article "Why are Lionfish a Problem?" for a more in-depth review of the topic. 

Grand Cayman lionfish hunters show off their catch on the deck of Divetech's dive boat, Atatude.
A cooler full of 100+ lionfish, caught after day of hunting with Divetech in Grand Cayman.

Rates in USD including any applicable taxes. Course includes tanks (Air) and weights and use of spears and containment devices, equipment rental is additional. Spears and Lionfish containment devices are provided free of charge on guided boat and shore dives.