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Grand Cayman's most diverse scuba diving operator

Welcome to Divetech

Scuba diver in Grand Cayman

For certified divers of all levels, learn about the wide variety Divetech offers. Shore diving, boat diving, freediving, underwater scooters, along with rebreather and tech diving, Divetech has it all! 

suba instructor and students in Grand Cayman.

Divetech offer the widest range of scuba diving instruction programs on Grand Cayman. Discover Scuba programs for non-certified divers, Open Water certifications, up to advanced technical and rebreather training. 

Grand Cayman is known as an a-la-carte destination, as well as the Culinary Capital of the Caribbean. From advice on where to stay, or a dive and room package, our reservations  staff is is here to assist you. ​

child snorkeling in Grand Cayman

Divetech has a range of diving activities for ages 8 and up to enjoy. With child sized equipment, experienced staff and internationally accredited youth programs, it makes a great opportunity for the entire family to have fun together, or for mom and dad to relax .

The Squids Are Here!

Over the past couple weeks here at Divetech we have had multiple reports of a most exciting nature: the Caribbean Reef Squid...

Mar 29, 2024

Brett McCulloch

An Interview with Jo Mikutowicz

Here at Divetech we are constantly getting calls, emails, and people stopping in asking about Jo. So, who is Jo, and why are all these...

Feb 29, 2024

Kelly Carpenter

Creature Feature: Spotted Eagle Rays

One of the most exciting and graceful marine animals to see underwater is the incredible Spotted Eagle Ray (aetobatus narinari). We are...

Jan 29, 2024

Kelly Carpenter

Where should we eat?

Updated December 2023. Originally written in 2017 (and first updated in 2021), we've now fully revamped our popular list of...

Dec 19, 2023

Joanna Mikutowicz

The Divetech staff is constantly writing - about everything! The latest news at Divetech, upcoming events, trip reports, tricks and techniques, and funny stories. 

Aerial view of Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman
New Flights To Grand Cayman

It is now easier than ever to get to Grand Cayman! With new cities and additional weekly flights added, there are now 10 different airlines offering direct flights from over 25 different cities - including 17 cities in the US alone. Learn more here...

Women’s Dive Day and the BCF’s 15 for 15 celebration

Mark your calendars: Women’s Dive Day is officially on July 20th, 2024! In addition to our annual WDD charity fundraiser event, this year the Cayman Islands Breast Cancer Foundation is celebrating their 15th anniversary - and so we are raising $15,000 for breast cancer awareness and support throughout the year! Read more about the history of Women’s Dive Day and our 15 for 15 initiative, including all the exciting promotions we have running through all of 2024. Come help us paint the island pink! Learn more here…

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See what's going on with Divetech, and take advantage of our upcoming events, specials & promotions!

What Divetech offers

Welcome to Divetech Grand Cayman! The most diverse scuba operator in the Cayman Islands. What do we mean by diverse? We offer more scuba diving and underwater activities to choose from than any other dive operator.

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