• Tony

CULL Grand Slam for Divetech’s Drew McArthur & partner Joey Avery

Drew & Joey made history at CULL’s 28th tournament as the first EVER team to win 1st place in all categories. Their record beating results included, smallest Lionfish at 20mm, most weight (average by culler), 16.4kg. Biggest Lionfish 316mm and most Lionfish (average by culler) 55.

Lionfish are an invasive specifies in Cayman and The Cayman United Lionfish League ‘CULL’ holds regular tournaments as an incentive for divers to catch as many of these predatory fish as possible. Although they look beautiful it is estimated that a single fish can consume 30 times its own stomach volume and with no natural predators in the region the eco-system is thrown out of balance.

This is a huge achievement for Team Warhammor’, and a reflection of their commitment to the sport over a number of years.

The winning team collecting their prize money. From left to right, Leanna Jarvis (CITA,) Mark Orr (DOE,) Joey Avery and Drew McArthur

If you want to learn how to Cull Lionfish you can sign-up to the DoE course at Divetech, after completion you can borrow a spear and join the team fighting against these predators.