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  • Drew McArthur

American Stowaways Land in Cayman

For decades, the Cayman Islands have been a hotly desired location. Since closing its borders amidst the coronavirus pandemic, many have gone to great lengths to find a way into the tropical paradise. Last Friday however, the attention of the island’s population became gripped by a couple’s daring attempt to smuggle themselves into the country concealed in a shipping container. What’s causing a real stink, is that the unlikely pair were actually racoons!

Funny Business

One of the uninvited guests was apprehended straight away, but his wily companion managed to evade attempts to capture it by legging it out into the wilderness of West Bay. Since news of the racoon at large has been made public, the reaction has been anything but concern. In fact the jokey memes that have populated social media since have been simply hilarious.

Hot off the mark, one witty individual made up a meme showing the Cayman Islands’ premier and governor sat at a table as if to address the nation with none other than the pesky little critter sandwiched in between them. The genius of that particular joke was in the timing as it provided comic relief to the nation who were waiting for a press briefing from the government regarding the opening of the borders. Since then, the flood gates have opened and it seems like pictures on facebook are turning into a racoon themed game of where’s Waldo.