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If I am not vaccinated, can I travel to the Cayman Islands? 

Under phase 4, only the following persons may travel here if they are unvaccinated: Caymanian citizens, permanent residents, work permit holders, or those who have close ties to the country. This would be persons who own local properties and businesses, or who are a spouse, civil partner, parent, step-parent, child, grandchild, step-child, or grandparent of a Caymanian or resident)

How will Cayman Government define which countries have a 60% or higher vaccination rate? 

It has not ben defined presently which metric government will use, or where this information will be published. Likely a list of eligible countries will be published on the Exploregov.ky website. 

What if I cannot have my vaccine securely verified? 

Provided your country of origin has a 1-jab community vaccination rate of at 60% or greater, you can apply to Travel Cayman for a "travel request." This means that your vaccination record must be reviewed by a staff member from Travel Cayman, and manually approved. As of this writing, we've been hearing about significant delays on this process, so if you cannot have your vaccine securely verified, we recommend as much time as possible before your trip to apply. 

Can these plans change?

Yes. It is very important to note that the Cayman Islands Government can change these plans on very short notice, due to a number of factors, including the rates of community transmitted COVID19 cases, and hospitalizations. It is completely possible that Cayman can roll back into previous phases of reopening. 

Cayman Islands border reopening information 

The Cayman Islands are now in Phase 4 of our border reopening plan. On this page is instructions on how to apply to travel to the Cayman Islands, instructions on what is required on your arrival and during your stay, and current flight information as the airlines have published it. 


When traveling to the Cayman Islands, quarantine is not required for: 

  • Securely verifiable fully vaccinated travellers. 

  • Non-securely verifiable fully vaccinated travellers who travel from a country with vaccination rates that are 60% or higher for the first dose of the vaccine and where those travellers spent at least 14 days prior to the date of travel. 

  • Caymanians/Permanent Residents who were fully vaccinated with an approved vaccine (locally or overseas).

Updated November 26, 2021

Flight info as of November 6, 2021

The following is announcements from various airlines in regards to re-establishing or expanding on their airline routes to and from Owen Roberts International Airport in Georgetown, with various hubs in the United States and Canada. 

As of November 6, 2021, here is the airline route information as we know it:

  • Atlanta - Delta has announced they will resume their regular route as of March 22, 2022. 

  • Boston - JetBlue is currently offering service twice per week, and have announced this route will increase frequency in December 2021. 

  • Fort Lauderdale - JetBlue is advertising flights beginning in December 2022. 

  • London - British Airways has resumed its regular London - Grand Cayman service through Nassau. 

  • Miami - Cayman Airways is currently offering daily service 

  • New York - Cayman Airways and Jet Blue are offering weekly and semi-daily routes to and from JFK. 

  • Tampa - Cayman Airways is resuming this route as of December 2021. 

  • Toronto - West Jet and Air Canada are offering limited flights beginning December 4. The frequency is scheduled to increase as of December 20. 

Please remember that arrival in the Cayman Islands depends on the actual border reopening plan which is scheduled to be announced on November 12, 2021. ​

The fine print

The above procedures are required by law. If not completed, there will be a penalty of $300 KYD/$360 USD. 

Self-administered lateral flow tests are not acceptable for the purpose of complying with the required testing for incoming travelers. For the purpose of complying with legal requirements the lateral flow testing of travelers must be certified by a Registered Health Care Provider in the Cayman Islands.


The day 10 test is the final test required for a traveller that has tested negative for all three tests, however, further testing may be required by Public Health should the traveller:


  • develop COVID-19 symptoms, or

  • become a primary contact to a COVID-19 positive case.

The process to travel to the Cayman Islands

  • Travelers exempt from quarantine can complete a travel declaration or travel request through the Travel Cayman portal.

  • All incoming travelers still require a negative PCR test within 72 hours of their flight. 

  • Upon arrival in the Cayman Islands, travelers exempt from quarantine are to undergo a lateral flow test on Days 2, 5, and 10 (3 tests in total) at the traveler's expense. 

More specific instructions are outlined below. These are subject to change at any time by the Cayman Islands Government. 

Contact us

If there is a question that is not answered here, kindly contact us and we will get back to you right away. Emails and text messages are answered in 1 business day or less. 

Testing locations

Securely verified vaccinated travelers

CIG has updated their webpage covering who may be considered securely verified, and added a frequently asked questions section. Please visit it here: 


Lateral Flow Test Process

  1. Upon arrival you will be provided with a card which will serve as a record of required lateral flow testing. 

  2. On days 2, 5, and 10 of your stay, you must attend one the healthcare provider locations listed below in order to be tested. Arrival counts as day 0. Where a visitor is departing in a shorter period of time, they can either chose to take a PCR test on day 5, or take both a PCR and lateral flow test on day 2. All tests will be done at the visitors expense. Each test is $25 (KYD) dollars. 

  3. Upon departure from the Cayman Islands, you must present your record of required lateral flow antigen testing, including the health care providers signature and official stamp for all test dates. 

Where a traveler develops COVID-19 symptoms 

Tourist visitors should immediately self-isolate, along with any close contacts that form part of their travel group at their tourism accommodation, or private residence if they are staying with local contacts. Where they are staying at a tourism accommodation, they should immediately notify their accommodation provider until arrangements can be made for confirmatory testing by a Registered Healthcare Provider.

Returning residents should immediately self-isolate along with any close contacts that form a part of their household until arrangements can be made for confirmatory testing by a Registered Healthcare Provider.

In accordance with general Public Health guidance, any person with symptoms suggestive of COVID-19 disease should contact their local healthcare provider or the Flu Hotline to seek advice on the best next steps. The Flu Hotline can be reached on 1-800-534-8600 or 925-6327, 947-3077, or email flu@hsa.ky.


Where a traveller tests positive for SARS-CoV-2, the positive result must be reported to Public Health by the registered Healthcare provider. In addition, the following actions are required:  


  • The traveller must self-isolate within their accommodation, and

  • The tourist visitor and tourism accommodation provider must follow the protocols established and approved by Public Health for dealing with a SARS-CoV-2 positive tourist visitor.

The Travel Cayman application process

  • All applicants will go to https://www.exploregov.ky/travelcayman and read the current Government instructions. On this page is a link to apply to Travel Cayman. 

  • If you have not already done so, please create an account, and answer all of the questions. You'll need to complete the questions and process for each person traveling in your party. 

  • If you have a securely verifiable vaccine - that is one with a QR code, then you'll be submitting a travel declaration. The process takes about 5 minutes to complete, and you'll be able to download a certificate for travel immediately. You can scan the code using your computer's camera, or you can upload the QR code directly to the website. 

  • If your vaccine is not securely verifiable, you'll be submitting a travel request. The website's questions will guide you through the process. You'll need to upload a copy of your vaccine to the website, and this requires manual approval before your travel certificate is issued. Currently we are being told there is a backlog in this process, so we encourage travelers to apply as soon as they are able.