A rebreather diver on the wreck of the USS Kittiwake

Rebreather Diving

Divetech is the largest rebreather facility in Grand Cayman and has been supporting closed & semi-closed circuit divers since 2003. We are not just rebreather-friendly, we are rebreather fanatics!

On staff, we have several rebreather instructors and guides to assist you topside and guide you on longer or deeper Cayman dives. 

Not certified but interested in rebreather? Do a try-dive with one of our instructors, or rent a rebreather to take a certification class. Learn more. 

Rebreather Support

For those with appropriate certification, Divetech can support any rebreather divers needs. Our rental inventory includes a range of onboard CCR tanks as well as fully rigged bailouts.


Our onboard CCR cylinder rental fleet includes 2, and 3-liter steel cylinders, as well as aluminum 13 and 19 cubic foot cylinders, all with inline or modular valves. We also stock aluminum 40's, and 80's, with stage rigging for use as bailout cylinders. Any cylinder rental is $5 per day. 

Gas fills, rentals and scrubber


Our Masterline booster allow us to provide high pressure ABO quality oxygen fills, as well assorted pre-banked helium-based diluent fill. We maintain an ample stock of Molecular Products Sofnolime 797 (812 mesh) granular absorbent, Extendair cartridges, and Sofnodive 797 pre-packed cartridges.  

Rebreather rental

For those already certified, or for those who wish to take the rebreather class without purchasing a unit, Divetech has several KISS Orca Spirit LTE units in our rental pool. 

Joanna, and her pink KISS Orca Spirit LTE
Prices for rebreather consumables: 

Please note! We are on a small Caribbean island, and ​getting oxygen and particularly helium can sometimes be difficult. Pricing on our consumables are dynamic, and might change as the cost of goods or shipping fluctuates. The prices listed below are served from a real-time table that updates as the cost of consumables rises and falls. 

Unused bailout gasses

Divetech will offer a refund of a portion of the customer's unused bailout gasses. ​The terms are as follows: 

  • The gas credit only applies to standard tech mixes (10/60, 15/55, 21/35, and 50%) Custom blended mixes are not eligible for credit. 

  • You must bring the tank in, and gauge it with a staff member to verify the contents. No credit will be issued if a staff member has not verified the pressure in the tank, and you will be charged for the full contents. 

  • Credit will be calculated to the nearest cubic foot, based on pressure reading and tank size.

  • You must physically check out at our Lighthouse Point location. 

  • Credit will be given based off the quantity in the tank, less 1500 PSI. Meaning if the customer brings back an aluminum 80 with 2000 PSI, credit will be issued based on 500 PSI, or 13 cubic feet. The reason for this is that helium and oxygen are very expensive commodities in the Cayman Islands, as is the infrastructure to blend, store and pump trimix and technical gasses.