• Kim

Women's Dive Day 2021

July 17th is Women's Dive Day.

Every year, with the support of our friends, we here at Divetech celebrate the day with a charity fundraiser, of which 100% of the proceeds on the day go directly to the cause. This year is no different, well, in this instance at least...

Our efforts this year will all go towards a charity close to our hearts, the Cayman Islands Breast Cancer Foundation.

In 2020, over 2.3 million people worldwide were diagnosed with breast cancer. 1 in every 8 women will receive the same diagnosis in their lifetime. This means that statistically, whether you realize it or not, at some point in your life you, or someone you know, will be affected. In light of this, Divetech plans to raise money this year by diving 1 second for each person diagnosed with breast cancer in 2020.

That's 2.3 million people. We decided to raise money this year by diving 1 second for each person afflicted with breast cancer in 2020. That comes out to 639 hours underwater.

We need your help! Even if you aren't here!

But we are few and that's a lot of bottom time, so we're going to need your help...

Divetech is hosting an event on Saturday, July 17th at Lighthouse Point. It will be an afternoon full of diving, refreshments, and raffle prizes. Women, men and children alike are all welcome to support and contribute their time. We will be open all day, but the main gathering will begin at 12 pm.

One dive will help, but two dives will be more helpfuler-er. A donation of 35ci will cover two dives including air tanks and weights. We'll be indulging in some snacking during the surface interval, followed by some (hopefully) celebratory beverages at the end of the day. Raffle prizes will be up for grabs thanks to our many generous donators.

Not a diver? That's OK! Snorkelers count too!

If you're not a diver, that's ok. You can snorkel with us, or at your local site and have it count! We're not picky, it's all about raising money for a good cause!

Sadly, we know that a lot of our friends can't be on island to join us this year, because of obvious reasons...

So this year, you don't even need to be on Cayman to help support us. To do your bit from abroad there are just a few simple steps.

  1. Call in your donation (+1-345-946-5658) or (1-877-946-5658 toll free from the US.

  2. Do a dive in your local area (or even your swimming pool)

  3. Send us a screenshot of your dive computer via e-mail (info@divetech.com) or Whatsapp (+1-345-925-1252) and we will add your time to ours. If you are landlocked, you can still register your pledge and donate to the worthy cause without getting wet.

For those on island that want to get involved and help us raise money for the Cayman Islands Breast Cancer Foundation (even those that want to snorkel above for support!), give us a call, send us a mail, or drop into our shop at Lighthouse Point and get signed up for Women's Dive Day 2021.

Together, even while being apart... We can ALL do our part.