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  • Kim Hanlon

When will the Cayman borders open?

A completely empty Seven Mile Beach, waiting for people to return.

Back in March 2020, the Cayman Islands Government took a very strong stance in the fight against the COVID19 pandemic and immediately closed the borders to the islands. Strict lockdowns and the fact that we are a small island nation got the COVID issue quickly in check and we’ve been essentially living a normal existence since June. No masks, no distancing, no issues aside from the fact that we can’t travel. While residents and property owners may return to the island, they must first undergo a mandatory 14-day quarantine period. Of course, as a result, tourism to the Cayman Islands came to a grinding halt. The Cayman Islands does have a thriving financial & legal sector, a large construction industry, and the associated support business. As a result, there is a large ex-pat population here, many of whom dive. Divetech has been lucky enough to capture some of this business. While it’s only a small fraction of the revenue we’d generate in a normal year, it’s allowing us to limp along. Other businesses, including dive operators and restaurants, are not as lucky and have been forced to close up shop.

Not a person in sight.

We here in Cayman Islands are going on our 14th month of border closure and no tourism. The single biggest question we get, over and over again, is “when will your borders open?” I see this question every day in our email inbox. I hear it when I talk to customers, and friends on the phone. I see it posted on social media daily and countless times.