• Tony

Lead, follow, or get Atamyway

Divetech would like to introduce you to the newest member of the dive boat fleet - Atamyway. She is a 36 foot Newton Dive Special, with of course her hull painted in the signature Divetech pink.

In keeping with the Divetech tradition of having "Ata" in the name of the boats, we've named her Atamyway. An informal competition amongst the dive staff suggested some great names, but instructor Kim Hanlon came up with the winner.

Welcome Atamyway! Divetech's newest dive boat makes the scene in West Bay.

The name embodies the spirit of Divetech and especially our owner Joanna. 'Pinky Jo' as she is known, is a trailblazer in the dive industry, and is on a mission to create the best dive shop you'll ever find.

In her own words "Either motivate me, inspire me or get out of my way.....or in Divetech terms...get ATAMYWAY!"

Atamyway can hold up to 16 divers in comfort. She features the amenities you'd normally find on other dive boats, including dry storage, comfortable seating, spacious deck, camera tables and rinse stations. The best feature however, is the heated freshwater shower. Many people scoff at the idea of a heated shower in the Caribbean, but we can assure you that on winter days here, there's nothing better to take off the post-dive chill!

Atamyway joins her sisters, Atatude and Atagirl.