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Make your own SorbPour

The SorbPour - a valve used to make pouring sofnolime easier!

This project and associated instructions assume you own a FDM 3d printer, or have access to one, and that you are skilled in using it. These pages are not meant to be a tutorial in 3d printing. these projects were made using a Prusa I3 mk3s FDM printer, using a Lack enclosure and ABS filament. This can also be made with PETG or PLA, provided you don't leave it in the sunlight. ​ There are many different printers and each has their own nuances, which unfortunately we cannot offer assistance in. It is very important to have your settings correct. Live-z height, temperature, extrusion rates, should all be dialed in for smooth and accurate prints. I cannot stress this enough, please make sure your printer is performing flawless prints before you attempt this. The fit of these parts is very important. For those who do not own a 3d printer, there are also commercial printing services available that can print these projects for you if you are so inclined.

This version of the SorbPour has been updated to the original cap from the absorbent container can be screwed onto the bottom funnel. The SorbPour is not airtight as designed and not recommended for long term storage. ​

1. Get your hardware

You'll need:

  • 4 M3x20mm hex bolts

  • 2 M3x4mm hex bolts

  • 4 M3 nuts

​Stainless is preferable. I get my stuff from McMaster-Carr, but any good hardware store should have it.

2. Download and print your parts

You can find the files on Thingverse here. I've uploaded .stl along with pre-configred .3mf files for those that have Prusa printers, although I highly recommend you slice your own files.

3. Check your parts. You should have:

1 absorbent jug connector.
1 top plate.
1 actuation plate.
5 leaves.
1 base plate.
1 funnel.

4. Assemble

Insert the M3 nuts into the recesses on the bottom funnel. (4 of them.) Set aside.

One at a time, install your leaves on the posts on the base plate.

Once all 5 leaves are on, it should look like this.

Install your top plate and bottom funnel to your base plate as shown. Secure with M3x20mm hex bolts. Do not overtighten.

Install your top plate and bottom funnel to your base plate as shown. Secure with M3x20mm hex bolts. Do not overtighten.

Start the M3x4mm bolts on the sides as shown. Do not insert all the way yet. The purpose of these bolts is to allow the SorbPour to be indexed to your sorb container, so the lever faces the correct direction.

Insert the sorb container adaptor. This may be a very tight fit at first. Insert completely.

Once it is together, install on your keg of sorb. When the adaptor is completely snug, turn the valve so the lever faces your desired direction. (Mine is facing out.) Once you have it oriented correctly, tighten the 2 M3 hex screws. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN!


Even with the update to the new funnel style, this is not an airtight valve. Please do not store sorb long term with this on. Remember that sorb can dry out if left unsealed, and the moisture content of the canister can be affected, which affect the sorb's performance. ​ This has not been tested in any way, please use at your own risk.

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