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KISS Sorb Caps

After watching divers try some makeshift ways to seal their KISS Spirit and Sidewinder partially used sorb containers, I created some caps for this purpose.

However I quickly realized, while these did reasonable job of sealing the scrubber canister, it only worked if the canister was stationary. If the canister was placed in a vehicle for example, and tipped over while in transit, the sorb would spill inside the canister. This of course not only makes a mess, but ruins the sorb bed, and renders the canister unusable.

The solution was an easy one: come up with a cap that held the upper screen in place like the head does. This design has a locking ring identical to the one found on the Spirit/Sidewinder heads, and also uses the same springs for compression on the top scrubber screen.

Here it is for those who wish to build one. This design prints in 2 runs per cap, without support material.

Directions to build

1. Get hardware

Source 4 M3 hex head screws. These can be as short as 8mm or as long as 12mm. 12mm is best. Get a spare head o-ring. Optionally, get 4 head springs from KISS, or you can use the ones existing in your current head.

2. Download

and print all parts from here.

3. Assemble

Press the bottom ring into the ring with the scrubber spring mounts. This is a very tight fit, and deburring the edges may be required. Glue may be used to secure the 2 halves together, however it is designed to be snap fit.

When pressed together it should look like this.

Place the locking ring as shown, in between the bottom half and the top.

Screw the 2 halves together using M3 screws. The ring should rotate freely.

Install main o-ring and springs. The springs may require a clockwise turn to lock into place. Don't forget the o-ring! It won't seal without it.

Be sure to print a set of caps for the bottom of the scrubbers too. Don't forget to install an o-ring to seal it!

Place the cap with springs and o-ring in place of your head. Be sure to not disturb the scrubber bed, and seal the bottom with a cap as well.


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