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Quarantine specials!

You made it! Welcome to your own personal tropical bubble on an island far, far away from the madness of life. ​ We know you’re stuck in here for a little while, but trust us—it will all be worth it :) Whether you’re already an experienced connoisseur of the underwater world in our pristine waters, or you’ve never set foot in a body of water outside the resort paddling pool, we here at Divetech have a few post-quarantine scuba diving offers available just for you to celebrate your release back into the wild!

Discover Scuba Session - $100 CI

Not a certified diver, but still want to see the underwater world? Enjoy a half-day Discover Scuba Session from our award-winning house reef at Northwest Point.

Open Water Certification - $270 CI

Would you like to get open water certified? There's no better time to complete your online academic learning portion, than when you're stuck in quarantine! After you get out, the skills portion of the open water class can be completed in 2 full days. (E-Learning fee is paid directly to PADI and not included. Ask us for details.)

Reactivate - $180 CI

If you're a certified diver who hasn't been in the water for a while, taking a reactivate class is a good idea. Reactivate is essentially a condensed open water class with an academic component, 1 pool dive, 2 open-water dives and a complete review of all skills. The reactivate program requires an e-learning component which can be completed while you are in quarantine. E-learning is paid to PADI direct and is not included.

Refresher - $100 CI

A refresher is similar to a re-activate, but shorter. It's more of a simple reminder of the basic skills, with no academic component. It can be completed in a half day with a single dive.

Guided Shore Dive - $40 CI

Want to dive but don't have a buddy? Enjoy a guided tour of our house reef with one of our experienced instructors.

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