• Kim

Morning Munches

As the old saying goes - Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper.

Not sure how old that saying is, or who said it first, but my Grandad always said it - so that’s pretty old.

As early rising divers, it can be difficult to get a nutritional breakfast into us before our boat trips. When we do get the liberty of not having to scoff down a nutri-grain bar or a cold danish swiped into a napkin from the hotel buffet, there are plenty of breakfast spots to choose from around the Island.

Anchor and Den @ The Marriott

We’ll start off strong for those feeling a little boujee. Definitely not the most pocket friendly breakfast menu on island. But you can order in style off their a la carte menu or if you’re feeling particularly flush and hungry, they have an all you can eat breakfast buffet option for 25ci.

I've always enjoyed a good sausage


We’ll move to the other end of the table with a local favourite, best value for money breakfast destination. From 7.30 - 11am Mon - Fri you can pick up the biggest breakfast bargain on the island. 5 items for only 5ci - 2 eggs, bacon or ham, toast and breakfast potatoes. Boost up your metabolism with a good cup of coffee for only another dolla. Weirdly, they have no sausage in any form on their menu though.


The daddy of Caribbean full English fry ups is hidden away in a plaza, funnily enough beside a divers supply shop in west shore centre . Who loves hash browns? I do.


Super filling, wallet friendly, all day diner breakfast with complimentary coffee refills. The only problem here is that the menu is so vast it can be overwhelming to choose what you want to line your empty bellies with.


One of the islands most popular coffee shops. Plonk yourself down on one of their comfy sofas, or just grab an easy snack and a coffee to go.


Open at 7am daily, except Sundays, the island wide supermarket chain has a breakfast deli to pick and choose from a selection of eggs, meats and potatoes. If that’s not your thing, they have the biggest ( if not only ) porridge buffet I’ve ever seen for you to peruse. Or even quicker, grab a pre-made sandwich or Jamaican Patty. Convenience can sometimes be King.

No animals were harmed in the making of this breakfast


Come in a little early, enjoy the view and grab a delicious, healthy, vegetarian breakfast to go from our neighbouring restaurant. You’ll be thankful on your surface interval. Prepare to have your mind blown when you try the vegan omelette (made out of chickpeas) with a side of bacon ( made out of coconut ) . My personal favourite is the smashed avo and mushroom on toast, it really brings out the Millennial in me.


The best bakery on the island offers a wide array of breakfast menus ranging from sweet, to savory, healthy and hearty. Offers an online ordering service that you can arrange for pick up the following morning.

The most important meal of the day?


Unfortunately only running on Saturday mornings, and you might have to wear footwear, but the menu is so delicious and it’s stunning location set in the yacht club makes it worth a mention. Surprisingly moderately priced options include salmon and asparagus eggs benny, brioche toast with seared avo, oyster, salmon, shrimp and cheese tasting platters, bratwurst sausages….. And the pièce de résistance, add bottomless Moët & Chandon for 35ci, or sparkling Rose for just 25ci, if that’s your jam.

Coconut Joes

Island style tiki bar offering an eclectic selection of breakfast items, including the elusive island Full English Breakfast for affordable Cayman prices. They also offer their own version of the budget friendly Classic American for less than 7 bucks. More importantly they won’t be taken aback if you order a Bloody Mary at 8 am, either.

Bluestone Lane

One of the newer establishments brought to Cayman from the States. A modern and hip cafe that tips their hat to Australian culture. Great healthy breakfast options to eat in or go in central Georgetown. Try one of their delicious smoothie options, and get a branded mason jar to keep. Souvenir shopping and breakfast in one fell swoop, how economic!


West Bay Diner

Cheap and cheerful “greasy spoon”. Pop in to see Danny, the most entertaining Aussie in all of West Bay. All day classic breakfast for less than 6 bucks. Make it heartier for an extra few dollars. Eggs Benny special on Sundays.

Fidel Murphys

My go to down time breakfast destination. All day breakfast. With PROPER Irish bacon. Secret menu - ask Amy for her special breakfast bap squished in the panini maker, and throw some extra cheese in there for good luck. On a non dive day, wash it down with a Pint of Guinness for extra nutritional value. Iron deficiency is a real thing, you know.

Or you could just sit in a corner and cry into a packet of Cheetos. Nobody’s judging...