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Light painting workshop - February 22 & 24

Images like the ones on this page are composite images, or what’s sometimes referred to as ‘light painting.’ It’s a very simple technique that can result in stunning nighttime images underwater.

Divetech is offering a light painting workshop during the third week of February. This workshop will consist of an introduction to the technique lecture, followed by a Kittiwake night dive, and then a second lecture on how to create the composite.


Day 1

5:00 PM - A short lecture, and instructions on how to capture your images

6:30 PM - A night dive on the USS Kittiwake

Day 2

6:00 PM - A lecture on post-processing techniques and assembling your composite image

Interested participants will need to have:

  • An underwater camera that features an built-in interval timer, or

  • An underwater camera that has full manual control and a dive buddy

(Most Nikon’s have this feature, some Canon’s do.)

You will also need:

  • A tripod you don’t mind getting wet. Gorillapods work very well.

  • A video light

  • Laptop, and photo editing software

Divetech has limited rentals available for camera systems, tripods and video lights. Please contact us for information.


Cost is $200 USD for the 2 lectures and Kittiwake night dive. This includes air tanks and weights. Nitrox is available for an additional cost.

Limited camera equipment for rent is available: Please ask for details

  • Canon 7d mk II in Nauticam housing

  • Video lights

  • Underwater tripod

To sign up

To sign up kindly call our office at 946-5658 or email us at info@divetech.com.