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January is Tech Month!

Try rebreather, doubles and sidemount

It's time to take your dive adventure to the next level, burn the limits that currently restrict you to such a small part of the ocean! Tech diving is defined as the use of specialist training equipment and gasses to safely exceed recreational limits. Throughout January, Divetech are running a series of programs that allow people with no previous tech experience to sample the ways in which they can open up an entirely new world by diving deeper and longer.

Try Rebreather

Discover what it is like to dive on a Closed Circuit Rebreather. Experience the underwater world as you have never known it before and find out what the reef sounds like without all those bubbles. People dive rebreathers for all kinds of reasons, photographers can get closer to wildlife, divers can spend considerably longer in the water without running out of air, tec divers can access the deep abyss... the list goes on. This half day session includes an hour long dive to a maximum of 50' on one of our in house KISS rebreathers.

Try Sidemount

When one tank is just not enough, bring another! You may have heard of the advantages of diving sidemount such as streamlining in the water, having access to far more air to breath, safety from having redundant gas supply, ease of problem solving underwater and greater possibilities for managing heavy equipment. This half day session enables you to dive with two tanks sidemounted so you can get a taste of the benefits for yourself.

Dive to the Limit!

The thing about awesome dives is that they so often have to end before you want them to because of gas running out, so why not bring more gas? During this dive we will strap two tanks on your back which are referred to as "doubles" or "a twin set" and hey presto you have twice as much air as usual. Under the supervision of a Divetech tech instructor you then get to dive for as long as you want or until your gas gets low. Bring spears for lionfish, a camera to capture those pics that you don't normally have time to, or just come to experience a dive with less limits.