• Kim

Eggscellent Easter Specials

Yes - we are about to crack ourselves up and go puntastic all over this post. So, please Eggcept our Humb(ty)lest apologies before we even begin... "Hopping" to have a good time this Easter weekend? Well, so are we, and we've come up with some great deals to get you all Eggstra Eggcited.

This is a scooter, it goes in the water and you go vroom vroom, very fast.

If you've ever taken our underwater scooters for a rip, you know how much fun they can be. And if you haven't.. well you've clearly got a whole new dimension of diving to look forward to.

This coming weekend only, you can jump aboard any 2 of our 2 tank boat trips and complete our DPV (diver propulsion vehicle) PADI Specialty course over 2 dives, and have another 2 guided un-scootery fun dives off the boat all for an Eggstraordinary price of just 140ci.

An example of a diver going vroom vroom.

This price is inclusive of all underwater scooter rentals, training from one of our PADI DPV specialist instructors, PADI Certification Card, 4 air tanks, weights, and most importantly, an Eggceedingly magical couple of days on the water.

This deal will not be "beaten" ever again. Unlike those poor scrambled eggs that you're having for breakfast Easter Sunday morning. If flying around underwater like James and James-etta Bond isn't your thing, fear not, for we have plenty of more fun up our wetsuit sleeves where that came from.

A very camouflaged Eggy, hidden discreetly on the reef.

Starting on Good Friday and running through until Easter Monday we will be hosting our first annual Underwater Easter Egg Hunt. Scuba Bunny will be paying our Lighthouse Point shore dive a visit every day and leaving plenty of pink Eastery Eggys spread out around the reef, which can be exchanged for some delicious sweet treats once you get back to land. There is no Eggstra charge for this fun for all the family event, just rent your regular shore dive tanks and go join the hunt!

The Guardian, giving an example of a well hidden Eggy.

And if that's not Eggstatic enough for you, we will also be running Easter Try Dives for any of your uncertified diver friends. Bring a family member/friend/co-worker/arch-nemesis that you want to make amends with, for a Discover Scuba dive any afternoon over the Easter weekend, and tagalong free of charge. Our in-house photo pro will be in the water to capture the moment, and you can go home with your very own Easter treasure trove of high-quality photographs, on the house.

Hop-fully one of these egg-ceedingly good deals a"peels" to you, and we can all have a smashing good time on the water at some point over this Easter!

Scuba Bunny on his rounds in 1998