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Divetech has new rebreather instructors

Divetech is pleased to announce 2 of our instructors have successfully passed their rebreather instructor course, and are now KISS Rebreather Instructors.

IANTD Instructor Trainer Dr. Doug Ebersole paid a visit to our little island, and put Divetech's instructors Drew McArthur and Serena Evans though a careful and rigorous evaluation.

Serena Evans (left) and Drew McArthur (right) are 2 of the newest IANTD KISS Rebreather instructors, certified by Instructor Trainer Doug Ebersole (center.)

The rebreather IDC included performing rebreather skills to 'demonstration quality,' as well as practice teaching sessions. Candidates were evaluated on their knowledge of all aspects rebreather diving.

In addition, Dr. Ebersole also certified Drew McArthur and Tony Land as IANTD Trimix Gas Blender instructors.

Well done to all!