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  • Serena Evans

Cayman, COVID & the untold story

It's not often that a small dive operator would be inclined to publicly disagree with the mighty New York Times but as Cayman has been featured, for a full week now, at the very top of their list for the increase in daily average COVID-19 cases per 100,000 people we have been feeling a little peeved. A few days ago the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) moved us to the Level 4 list of countries with a "very high level of COVID-19" and is currently advising against travel to the region. All of this happening only 10 days before we admit the first (vaccinated) tourists since the islands closed in March 2020.

We aren't arguing that the rate of community transmission has increased from zero to it definitely happening. We aren't arguing that as a country we have lost our Covid-free status (in the form of community transmission). We are arguing that we would like the story behind the statistics to be discussed publicly as much as the figures themselves. Because, frankly, we don't think they make much sense.

If you're reading this then you will likely know that in March 2020 the Cayman Islands Government closed our borders to outside visitors and, since then, the approach has been to get as many people as possible vaccinated to gain herd immunity and avoid mass hospitalisations and death. The medical infrastructure wouldn't be able to cope with anything less. The result is that Cayman is the only country in the world tha