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Coronageddon specials!

Well it looks like we are gonna have some time on our hands over the next few weeks! It goes without saying that our present situation is indeed a bummer but we don’t have to suffer our quarantine in misery, why not use the time to take advantage of some absolutely killer deals on diving and dive training. 

All prices are in USD. 

Awesome deals on scuba training!


Enjoy 2 for the price of 1, plus NO RENTAL FEES for all diving classes, including:

  • Open water diver - $500 savings!

  • Advanced Open Water Diver - $394 savings!

  • Nitrox Diver - $150 savings!

  • and all other specialty classes

Awesome deals on rebreather training!

2 for 1 pricing and free rental rebreather means a $2,000 savings!

Training on the KISS Orca Spirit Rebreather, and includes consumables. 

Awesome deals on technical training!

All doubles classes, from Intro to Tech up through Trimix with free equipment rental. Up to a $750 savings!

Awesome deals on tank monkey courses!

  • Huge group discounts on nitrox and trimix gas blending courses

  • Colossal group discounts on VIP Inspector courses

  • Fill Station Operator and Oxygen Service Technician

  • Programs run through TDI

Not certified? 2-for-1 Discover Scuba

  • A $150 savings for a half-day non-certified diving experience. 

2-for-1 diving!

  • Guided dives

  • Scooter rentals

  • Night dives

2-for-1 on Kids programs!


Children driving you nuts while school is out? Want someone to watch them? Divetech offers a variety of activities and programs for kids ages 5 and up to keep the young ones occupied. 

  • SASY (5-7 years old)

  • SEAL team (8-9 years old)

  • Junior Open Water Diver (10 and up)

List prices can be found on our website and of course we are more than happy to answer any questions you may have by email. All of Divetech's prices are in US dollars. 


These are tough times but they don’t need to be boring times, if you have ever been interested in stepping over to the dark side there has never been a better time than right now, come and claim your right as a Cayman dive professional to go deeper into the sport you love.

2 for 1 offers don't apply to shore tank rentals, or resident boat dives. Resident boat trips require a 3-person minimum.