Innerspace 2020 

Innerspace returns to the East End.

October 17th-24th 2020

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Innerspace 2020 has been rescheduled to October 17th-24th 2020. If you did not receive the email, please click here.

Innerspace 2020 will return to Grand Cayman's east end, and will be held at Compass Point Resort with Ocean Frontiers. 

The 2020 Innerspace package includes: 


Accommodation, meals and transfers

  • 7 nights accommodation at Compass Point Resort 

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner

  • Transfers from Owen Roberts airport.

Great CCR diving!

  • 6 days of CCR boat diving

  • Unlimited scrubber

  • Unlimited air diluent fills 

  • Unlimited oxygen fills 

  • Onboard CCR tanks

  • Bailout tanks with rigging (AL40's and AL80's)

  • Bailout gas 


  • Trimix diluents and bailouts will be available 

  • Pricing will be based on the market price of helium at the time of the event. 

  • Trimix is not included in your Innerspace 2020 base package.

And Innerspace 2020 extras!

  • Evening seminars

  • T-shirt

  • Raffles with great prizes

Innerspace 2020 pricing:

2-Bedroom Unit, quad occupancy - $2,985

This is a 2 bedroom unit, with a common room. Double occupancy is per bedroom. With this, you'll be sharing a unit with up to 3 other Innerspace guests.

 - All single beds sold out -

- Only available with shared King bed -

2-Bedroom Unit, single occupancy - $3,575

Want your own bedroom in a shared unit? Here you go! In this, you will be sharing a unit with up to 2 other Innerspace guests, but have your own bedroom.

​- Only available with Queen bed -

2-Bedroom Unit,  quad occupancy non-diver - $1,395

This is the cost for your non-diving spouse or partner to join you in a shared 2 bedroom unit. With this, you and your partner will be sharing a unit with up to 2 other Innerspace guests, in your own private bedroom. 

 - All single twin beds sold out -

- Only available with shared King bed -

1-Bedroom Unit, double occupancy - $3,385

This is the price for 1 CCR diver, sharing a 1 bedroom unit with another Innerspace guest.

- Available with shared King bed -
- Alternatively available with one occupant in King bed, second occupant on pull-out bed in living room

1-Bedroom Unit, single occupancy - $4,275

Want a room all to yourself? This is your cost. 

- Available with King bed -

1-Bedroom Unit, double occupancy non-diver - $1,825

Would you like your non-diving spouse or partner to join? This is the cost for them. 

- Available with shared King bed -

- Alternatively available with one occupant in King bed, second occupant on pull-out bed in living room -

2-Bedroom Unit, all to yourself. 

You pimp. We don't have a price for your extravagant lifestyle. 

Rooms are subject to availability, and allocated on a first come-first serve basis. Rooms are available with:

- 2 bedroom unit; 1 bedroom with 1 x King, 1 bedroom with 2 x twins.
- 2 bedroom unit; 1 bedroom with 1 x King, 1 bedroom with 1 x Queen.
- 1 bedroom unit; 1 bedroom with 1 x King, living room with 2 single pull-out Murphy beds.


Rates include taxes and Government fees.


Airfare, alcohol, staff gratuities & retail purchases are excluded.

Payment conditions

  • Upon booking – $1,000 USD deposit – partially refundable

All but $500 of your deposit will be refundable up until January 2, 2020. 

  • January 2nd 2020 - 100% of total invoice –  partially refundable

On January 2, 2020, the balance of your invoice is due. All but $850 of this is refundable up until February 17, 2020. After this date ​no refunds are available. 

Due to the special nature of this event and the payment conditions Divetech strongly recommends you purchase travel insurance as Divetech will not provide refunds or credits.

Room Layouts

1 bedroom unit for Innersapce 2020.

1-bedroom unit. 

2 bedroom unit for Innersapce 2020.

2-bedroom unit. 


COVID-19 Update as of March 30, 2020

Innerspace 2020 is rescheduled


New dates: October 17th-24th, 2020


Dear Innerspace attendee,


As you can probably imagine, the reason for this email, like pretty much every other communication in the world right now, relates to the global pandemic of covid-19. I hope this email finds you and your loved ones in good health.


Many of you have recently reached out to us at Divetech to ask how the pandemic will affect Innerspace 2020. The answer up until very recently, was that while observing the virus situation as it unfolded, we were still shooting to host the event in May as planned.

On March 22nd, Cayman Islands Government made the decision to shut the borders, and close Owner Roberts airport, which brought into effect a state of quarantine for the country. With the exception of controlled deliveries of food and essential items from cargo ships, there has been no voluntary international travel whatsoever.


This closure has been a drastic move on the part of the Government, because naturally it means that tourism and the significant dollar figure that is attached to it has temporarily been removed from our life here. Government’s goal is to try to get through this with zero fatalities for residents and nationals of the Cayman Islands. The financial loss will be significant and some will undoubtedly not recover from it but the message from the government is that right now they are trying to protect lives not businesses.


As of this writing, the airport is scheduled to reopen on April 12th, however we are not confident this will occur. Even if it does, we must consider how safe will it be for guests to be traveling at this time? 


After agonising consideration as to how to move forward with Innerspace for 2020 we have decided to act now with the best interest of the well-being of our customers, staff and local community in mind. For this reason I regret to inform you that the safest and most sensible option at this time is to reschedule the event.


In reality I doubt this decision will come as much of a surprise to most. In spite of how much we all love Innerspace and how it physically brings so many members of our community into one place at one time, a common sense approach to safety has to prevail.


The new date for Innerspace 2020 will be October 17th-24th, 2020 and aside the date change, everything else will remain the same. Reservations and payments for the event will be transferred to the new date at no extra cost. Currently flight companies are being exceptionally cooperative in making amendments to itineraries so we are confident that most people should be able to switch dates without any financial negativity. There will no doubt be some inconvenience caused by this action for which we apologise profusely but please rest assured that if there was any way we could safely run Innerspace and guarantee the previously planned dates then we would jump at the chance to do so.

In order to facilitate our reschedule it would be appreciated if you could respond to this email confirming that you will be able to make the new date.


At Divetech we thank you very much for your cooperation and understanding in what are proving to be exceptionally challenging times. Now more than ever we look forward to seeing you when normality resumes.


Best regards & please stay safe.

Joanna Mikutowicz

Owner - Divetech Grand Cayman

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