Bikini-clad freedivers on the wreck of the USS Kittiwake


Check out freediving with Divetech in Grand Cayman! You won't want to miss the opportunity to interact with the marine environment in complete silence! We offer instruction at several levels using established training programs from PADI and Performance Freediving International (PFI).

Options include a Freediving Experience try-out, and full certification as Freediver or Advanced Freediver. If you're already a freediver, expand your horizons by learning techniques to improve your bottom time, safety, skills, techniques or depths.

Freediver Talya Davidoff on the wreck of the USS Kittiwake

Photo: Jean-Louis Lebreaux

Freedive Experience Program


Experience the ultimate in freediving today! Come for a half day with Divetech and learn tips and techniques that the world's greatest freedivers have spent years developing. The experience program is designed for snorkelers who would like to increase their capabilities in the water. This program includes classroom time, shallow water skills and optional open water freediving on Grand Cayman's beautiful reefs.  Let Divetech introduce you to all of the advantages, skills, and benefits of freediving. Increased marine interaction, photography or continuing on to a full breath-hold certification course awaits you following this experience. Please see our price list on the bottom of this page for pricing information. 

Divers freedive the Guardian of the Reef Statue
Freedive Certification Courses


Divetech offers freediving certification courses that are designed to increase a diver's breath-hold range and comfort in the water. Starting the Freediver course students are taught constant weight diving techniques. The course develops a detailed understanding of all aspects of breath-hold diving, including history, physics, physiology, psychological factors, breathing techniques and emergency procedures, along with skills and open water freediving experience. Instructor courses are also available.



The Freediver course is the first certification level in the world of Freediving. This is a two day course which includes time in the classroom, the pool and open water. You will learn breathing techniques and how to use buoyancy and other laws of Physics to build your dive. 

Advanced Freediver


The Advanced Freediving course gives you the opportunity to refine what you have learned in your first course, while reaching deeper depths.  You will learn equalization techniques and different training methods that will help you develop the skills necessary to freedive deeper. This course also focuses more on safety and rescue techniques. You will also start to focus on different disciplines that freediving has to offer. 

Freedive the USS Kittiwake


Why not join us for the ultimate freedive! The 251 foot USS Kittiwake, a former US Navy submarine rescue vessel ASR-13 was sunk on the West side of Grand Cayman on January 5, 2011. She sits in 60ft of water (max) to 10ft, ideal for Freedivers to explore & enjoy. We offer a variety of afternoon trips to the wreck and one of our freediving Instructors can accompany you for your comfort & safety. 


For Freediving trips a certification from an internationally recognized Freediving training agency is required, as well as a certified freediving buddy.

E-learning fees are not included in freediving classes. These are fees for your online course material and are paid directly to PADI or PFI. Please contact us with questions.