Fill Station Operations

Want to learn the behind the scenes of technical diving? 

Technical diving requires a lot of behind the scenes work to happen. Tanks need to be inspected and prepared for oxygen service, and gasses need to be blended. 

For your own personal dive setup, or to advance your diving career, come learn the basics of these operations with the professionals at Divetech in Grand Cayman. 

Instructors at a diving fill station and gas blending panel
Classes offered: 

Fill Station operator - Learn how to set up, build, and operate fill stations, including compressor operations, filtration systems, and gas boosters. 

Nitrox Gas Blender - Learn the techniques and hazards associated with blending enriched air mixes. 

Trimix Gas Blender - Taking your blending knowledge a step further, by learning the tricks associated with adding helium to the mix. 

Cylinder Inspector - Become certified to properly conduct visual inspections on diving cylinders. 

O2 Service Technician - learn how to properly clean and prepare filling equipment and diving cylinders for use with high percentages of oxygen. 

At the successful completion of class, students will be issued a TDI certification. 


A home fill station - on steroids

Pricing of classes is as follows: Please inquire about professional and industry discounting. 


An aluminum 80 diving cylinder after a catastrophic failure.