Are you Caymanian? Looking for a career in scuba diving? ​

Divetech gives hiring preference treatment to all Caymanian applicants. If you are interested in a career as a dive instructor, Divetech is here to help. 

Divetech does not discriminate against Caymanian applicants for any reason, including but not limited to age, sex, political or religious beliefs. Any Caymanian applicant who is interested in becoming a Dive Instructor may have employment with Divetech. 

All employees at Divetech must be certified scuba instructors. This after all, is how we make money. If you are not an instructor, we cannot fit you into our staff rotation. If you are a dive instructor, we strongly encourage you to apply.


If not, that's OK! Divetech will help you on your path to becoming a dive instructor. 

Are you a certified Divemaster? ​


Caymanian divemasters are eligible for a paid internship, while they work their way to becoming a certified Dive Instructor. 

Scuba training agencies require that you are a certified diver for at least 6 months, and have 100 logged dives. If you need logged dives, time, or in-water experience, this is the place to get it, while getting paid. If you need help with the academics, Divetech offers on the job tutoring. 

Divetech offers financial assistance, free equipment rental, or any other assistance we can provide to get you through your instructor class. In exchange for our unwavering support, Divetech does ask for a commitment in time from the Divemaster Interns. 

Are you a diver? 

To work in a paid capacity for Divetech, you must be at least a certified Divemaster. PADI and our insurance provider don't let you guide customers without being so. 

If you're not a Divemaster, that's OK! We will make you one. For Caymanian applicants, Divetech offers any of the following classes at no charge, for those who wish to go through our Divemaster Internship program.  

  • Open Water Diver

  • Advanced Open Water Diver

  • Emergency First Response

  • CPR

  • Rescue Diver

After these classes are completed, and the applicant has logged 40 dives, he or she may enroll in the Divemaster program, at no charge. 

There is no cost to the Caymanian applicant for any class. All gear required will be loaned at no cost, and all diving will be provided at no cost. 

The Divemaster program​


A Divemaster program can be challenging and requires a time commitment from the applicant. With diligent effort, progressing from Open Water Diver through Divemaster is at best, an 8 week commitment. Most often the duration to complete it is 12-16 weeks. 

The Divemaster candidate must be comfortable in the water. He or she must be able to swim, as there is a required 4-part swimming test.

  • 400-yard swim (in under 10 minutes)

  • 800-yard mask, snorkel, and fin swim (in less than 17 minutes)

  • 100 yard tired diver tow (in less than 4 minutes)

  • 15 minute tread water (last two minutes hands out of the water) 

In addition, the candidate must be able to not only perform the following skills, but demonstrate them to others:

  • Equipment assembly, adjustment, preparation, donning and disassembly

  • Pre-dive safety check (BWRAF)

  • Deep-water entry

  • Buoyancy check at surface

  • Snorkel-regulator/regulator-snorkel exchange

  • Five-point descent

  • Regulator recovery and clearing

  • Mask removal, replacement and clearing

  • Air depletion exercise and alternate air source use (stationary)

  • Alternate air source-assisted ascent

  • Free-flowing regulator breathing

  • Neutral buoyancy – using both oral and low-pressure inflation

  • Five-point ascent

  • Controlled Emergency Swimming Ascent

  • Hover motionless for 30 seconds

  • Underwater swim without a mask

  • Remove and replace weight system underwater

  • Remove and replace scuba unit underwater

  • Remove and replace scuba unit on the surface

  • Remove and replace weight system on the surface

  • Swim at least 15 meters/50 feet underwater on a single breath while skin diving.

  • Snorkel clear using the blast method after ascending from below the surface.

  • Underwater gear exchange.


There is also an academic portion of the program, with required classes and exams on:

  • Physics 

  • Physiology 

  • Equipment 

  • Decompression Theory and the RDP 

  • Dive Skills and Environment 

  • Divemaster Conducted Programs

  • Supervising Certified Divers 

  • Supervising Students 

Ready to try? ​


While the program can be challenging, it is structured in an easy progression that most students can readily pass. Divetech will keep teaching, as long as you are willing to keep learning. We do not give up on any student. 

If you're ready to try our program, please contact us via email, or at 946-5658. You don't need to fill out an application online